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You've got the need for seeds

We can’t claim to know it all but we do aim to be the best at graphic and web design. It’s important though that we know a lot of really great people from other professions who are exceptional at what they do. Especially when they help our very special clients thrive in the face of their competitors.

If you need help with Web Development, Marketing, Copywriting or any other area of your business why not ask us for help? If it’s something we don’t do in-house we’ll put you in touch with like-minded professionals who are friendly and excel at what they do. You can relax knowing that we won’t make a recommendation unless we’re sure it’s in your interest.

See below some services we offer to give your project the best chance of growing your business successfully.


Web Development

Content Managed Website Development

Our fully integrated, easy-to-use (yep, promise!) website content management system equates to endless benefits for your business.

With full control of your website’s content, you can make quick and easy updates. When you want. As often as you want. And at no additional cost. Self-manage your online enquiries and sales with straightforward administrator dashboards and real-time credit card transactions. Learn exactly how visitors interact with your website, so you can effectively speak to them, based on these interactions. You’ll get a host of features to help you improve the effectiveness of your website.

We will equip you with simple, yet powerful, tools to keep your website fresh and performing at it's peak. Then, we’ll maintain and upgrade the system, so you’re always working with the latest, most secure technology. 

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Active Marketing Workshop

Create a new image for your business, or change your brand and your position in the market with our Active Marketing program.

One of our experienced consultants will spend a full day on site with you to:

  • Establish the true nature of your product or service and how your brand is currently perceived
  • Understand where you would like to be positioned in the market
  • Gain a clear picture of your target market
  • Develop an image and specific messages to attract the attention of your potential customers
  • Create a range of support tools designed for you to use in your business.

You'll also receive a full report documenting everything covered during the day and what your next step should be.

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Reliable Research

Understand what makes your customers tick with our Reliable Research project. If you base marketing decisions on your best guess about what might motivate your customers, or on anecdotes from others, chances are you will end up spending precious dollars heading in the wrong direction.

With Reliable Research you can find out how the market and your customers perceive your business and your product or service.

This vital information is the first step in making sure your marketing activities are effective in targeting the right people in the right way.

With Reliable Research we will:

  • Design a research questionnaire for you
  • Carry out telephone research
  • Compile and present the results of the research
  • Analyse the results
  • Make recommendations.

Most Reliable Research projects take an average of three days, and involve contact with around 20 to 30 customers. Costs will vary depending on factors such as the length of the questionnaire and whether contact lists can be provided.

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Smart Strategy

Implement a sound marketing strategy and success will follow! Without clear direction, any investment your business makes in marketing activities is likely to be a waste of time, money and effort.

Our Smart Strategy maps out the critical points you need to define and make decisions about in order to reach your potential customers in the most effective way.

Your Smart Strategy will cover the key topics of:

  • The background of your business
  • Conducting research
  • Defining your target market
  • Profiling your ideal customer
  • Promoting your business
  • Reaching your target market
  • The role of different media
  • Implementing your plan
  • Planning timelines and your budget
  • Other resources required.

A Smart Strategy takes around two to three days for us to develop and gives you a solid foundation on which to base your marketing activities.

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Words that work — from our very own “Copy Doctor”

Are you worrying about words, staring at the screen despondently as your deadline gets deadlier? Are you too busy to update your website, with words that people will actually enjoy reading? Do you have anyone check the marketing you write, before you rely on it to make sales?

Are you sure your words are working as well as they could?

As any doctor will tell you, a second opinion is always a good idea.

Our “Doc” has been prescribing his patients words that work for over 20 years, helping them make pivotal points, capture potential punters and avoid the plague of poor prose.

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Email Marketing

Sure, we’ll put you in touch with your customers. But, more important, we’ll help you keep that conversation going.

Our flexible, integrated email marketing system lets you target new and existing customers, based on specific preferences—and the interactions they have with your website. For example, you can send automated emails to those who enquired about (or purchased) a specific product. All emails are personalised and branded, with links to your website. This maximises customer retention and increases your level of sales.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improving your position in search-engine results, such as Google’s, can put you miles ahead of the competition.

But, do you know the keywords most commonly used when searching for the products and services you offer?

How to optimise your website’s structure so that search engines can read (and understand) your content? Well, we know. And we can. Some providers put clients at risk, using “lazy” SEO techniques to solicit instant hits (which can lead to penalisation, even elimination from search results). Our well-conceived and ethical approach ensures better results, without the risk.

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